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          Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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          • Working to reshape business models, modernize products and enhance customer experiences to drive growth.
          • Reinventing and managing your most essential business processes with new ways of working.
          • Simplifying, modernizing and securing the IT infrastructure and applications that are the backbone of your business.
          Helping organizations engage people and uncover insight from data to shape the products, services and experiences they offer
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          Need to accelerate growth?Cognizant offers innovation and IT expertise for a mature property and casualty industry.

          Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance may be a mature industry, but trying to do the same old things at less cost is no longer enough. To jumpstart growth, new IT developments like the cloud and mobility can help, but each requires IT expertise and knowledge of best practices.

          Cognizant has the experience and technology expertise to help, along with a tradition of listening to customers. That’s one reason our clients include 13 of the top 25 P&C insurers in the U.S. and eight of the 10 largest European insurers.


          Growth Strategies

          Reassessing your multi-channel distribution strategy and refreshing your incentive compensation system can help energize business growth. The application of marketing and customer analytics can provide valuable insight to cross-sell and up-sell.

          Mergers & Acquisition

          We can help build the post-merger integration plan for your business, operations and technology. After the plan is developed, we’ll help you with execution so you’ll achieve the business and operational objectives you require.

          Regulatory & Reporting 

          Custom regulatory and management reports can provide strategic advantages in today’s competitive environment. Let us help you set up new reports and show your team how to create new reports as needed.

          Global Clinical Services

          Our global clinical services team provides specialized services using licensed nurses, physicians and pharmacists to support the medical management needs of the disability, casualty and specialty services segments of the U.S. insurance market. With multiple URAC accreditations and dedicated clinicians, we offer deeper, more experienced global clinical resources than any other service provider.

          Our clinicians include both U.S. and Philippine?licensed nurses, managed by a well?seasoned team of nursing professionals, to allow for staffing scalability while maintaining existing quality and oversight controls.


          Our insurance team of business and technology experts has transformed industry best practices into solutions frameworks that can be adapted to the needs of any carrier. These include:

          • Integrated Risk Management System (IRIS): Streamlines the risk assessment process for commercial lines
          • Insurance Dashboard: Tracks selected key performance indicators in real time



          Cognizant provides an end-to-end solution for insurers that offer usage-based insurance and better risk management for commercial fleets. Data from the vehicle is transmitted at second-by second-intervals, reflecting driving behavior such as braking, acceleration and cornering.

          Our platform helps companies manage and use the data collected for usage-based insurance products, providing complex event processing, portals and mobile apps for customer feedback. In addition to a new rating variable and a better book of business for the company, policyholders receive a discount for good driving and a tangible relationship with their carrier. Learn More

          Cognizant Mobile Risk Assessment

          Cognizant Mobile Risk Assessment solution is designed to deliver critical business benefits, including greater productivity for risk evaluation, field underwriting and loss control with increased efficiency. It is geared to reduce turnaround time for end-to-end survey process by up to 20 percent, allow 20-30 percent more completed inspections in same period and simplify process to allow greater focus on analysis rather than data capture. Learn More

          Claims Processing

          A carrier’s claims processing system brings it face-to-face with its policy holders, providing an opportunity to either impress or alienate them. Our experts can assure the best possible outcome—whether you’re updating legacy systems or applying analytics to improve claim outcomes. Learn More

          Seamless Underwriting

          Our OptimaWrite solution suite brings Commercial & Specialty insurers and their agents together to effectively submit, evaluate, price and quote risks. The suite’s modular and configurable solution components address key carrier challenges and provide a seamless end-to-end underwriting experience. Learn More

          Interactive Exposure Map

          Cognizant Interactive Exposure Map (IEM) is a breakthrough solution that combines business intelligence with geographical information systems (GIS) to help property and casualty (P&C) carriers make business-critical decisions in the insurance value chain. Learn More

          Workers’ Compensation

          Cognizant WorkActivate? is an innovative solution that engages claimants to actively participate in and adhere to their Return to Work (RTW) recovery plans. Learn More

          Cognizant Optima MedWise? provides you a way of automatically comparing individual claims to a massive knowledge base of existing cases, in order to flag treatment that deviates from the norm. Learn More

          Drone Technology

          The demand persists for carriers to deliver faster, smarter and more responsive solutions to insurance clients. Expanding innovation with remote technology has made the use of drones a real possibility with the potential for on-demand data and access to immediate results. Today, drones are a key differentiator capable of transforming the customer experience while enhancing a carrier’s operations and efficiency. Learn More


          Cognizant Cloud Insurance Platform

          Designed with today’s technologies, for tomorrow’s insurance businesses, the Cognizant cloud insurance platform enables you to focus on your core business and opens up a new world of opportunities.

          Property & Casualty Insurance Solutions | Insurance IT | Cognizant Technology Solutions
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